Non recruitment, we are not in war

Because we know that in Colombia military service is not compulsory and that raids are illegal, Digital T-Rex brings this remembrance by the festival contestatario Usme Fest , which provides the tools to know the law that protects us and reminds us of the importance of why we should not take part in the terrible war facing the country for more than 50 years ago and where poor young people have been the population of deaths in the fighting.

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By: Vidal Romero 

Celebrating its third edition in Usme in southern Bogota, Nada for war festival, Usme Fest , struggling to provide young people of the city the tools necessary to not go to war against their will it was made .

Two movements promoting that conscientious objection to compulsory military service is a fundamental right and a ground for exemption from the provision of that service and therefore does not require an express statutory requirement to be legally binding and can be invoked by any forced military service , who proves that deep , sincere , and externalized continuous personal convictions , has reasons of conscience that prevent you from exercising military activity. *

In addition to the great concert, in which women drove the initiative not to compulsory military service under the slogan parimos children are not for war …

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Usme Fest: No al servicio militar obligatorio by Vidal Romero is licensed under a Creative Commons Reconocimiento-NoComercial 4.0 Internacional License. / @viralio



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