Is not preowned

May you help me to change this society? Is easier I have two ways:


You can buy our book graphic reporting and personalize it with the chronicles you want ( up to 3 – each chronicle has  minumum 8 photos) . It measures 18 inches wide – 11 inches long. It costs $200 free shipping – To USA- And 170 euros -to Europe-.Colombia goes so shipment is delayed 15 to 20 days after the selection of the work.

Look at the pictures and know the specifications of the book. To realize the shipping, please send an email to (We use Paypal)

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You can donate me. We use paypal, but for safety we like to talk first with people who want us to contribute. We not only need money to move around the different places of Colombia and the world to tell stories that change the life of this world, We need technical and human team too. So every conversation we have is vital …
f you want to talk with us write to